Academic Rules

of Diponegoro


Diponegoro University Academic Regulation

Academic Regulation (Perak) in Education Sector Diponegoro University is intended as a guide for students, lecturers, and administration staff in organizing and managing academic activity within the university environment. This Education Sector consist of  provisions regarding students admission, registration, education management, academic data management, academic execution, study transfer, graduation, degrees and designation along with discretion. Each of these components is explained in detail with an explanation. The following are the Academic Regulation in Education Sector for undergraduate program of Diponegoro University:

  1. Peraturan Rektor dan Pedoman Teknis MBKM 2022
  2. PERAK NO. 28 Tahun 2020 (Perubahan Perak Program Sarjana No. 4 Tahun 2020)
  3. PERAK NO. 4 Tahun 2020