On Friday, November 18 2023, the online seminar series “Jagongan On Stat” initiated by IKALISTA entered its 5th series with focus on the application of Statistics in the mining industry. The event which lasted for two hours, from 16.00 to 18.00 WIB, gathered the participation of more than 70 participants from various backgrounds who have an interest in statistics and the world of mining.

The theme of this seminar explores the contribution of Statistics to the mining industry, highlighting how important it is to apply statistical methods in operational data analytics, production efficiency and other critical aspects in the context of modern mining.

Anggi Harry Wibowo, a Mine Control & Dispatch Superintendent at PT. Bukit Makmur Mandiri Utama (BUMA), who is also an Undip Statistics alumnus class of 2004, was present as the main speaker at this event. With rich experience in the mining industry and a deep understanding of the role of statistics, Anggi Harry’s presentation provided a meaningful view of how statistics can provide significant added value in efficiency and management in the mining industry.

The professionally run event also featured Amelia Zulfa Farida, a Statistics student from the class of 2021, as moderator. Amelia’s involvement brought a fresh atmosphere to the discussion, sharpened questions, and helped the seminar run smoothly.

Discussions in this event involved various topics, ranging from mining production data analysis, mineral resource forecasting, to the application of new technologies using statistical approaches. Participants are invited to understand the key role of statistics in optimizing every aspect of the mining process.

The 5th series “Jagongan On Stat” shows its success in providing an informative and inspiring forum for statistics enthusiasts and mining industry players. It is hoped that the spirit of collaboration and insights gained from this event will continue to have a positive impact on innovation and quality improvement in related industries.

This online seminar is not only a place to gain valuable information, but also stimulates cross-sector collaboration. The active participation of the participants emphasized the importance of developing statistical science in supporting the progress of the mining industry.

This event is also a relevant media/platform to dig deeper into the application of statistics in various sectors, connecting practitioners, experts and beginners in the field of statistics to share valuable knowledge and experience.