The 118th Convocation of the Faculty of Science and Mathematics at Diponegoro University on November 13, 2023, marked a significant milestone for five students who successfully earned the Dean’s Award. This esteemed recognition is bestowed upon graduates with an outstanding Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) exceeding 3.90, symbolizing their dedication and hard work throughout their education at Diponegoro University.
The five students who received this honor are Jessica Valenci Soegianto, Anik Sri Mulyani, Ellina Dhiya Ulhaq Oktaviani, Adeline Salmaa ‘Azzah Rarasati, and Salsabilla Rizka Ardhana. Their success is reflected in their consecutive CGPA achievements: 3.96, 3.94, 3.93, 3.91, and 3.91, respectively.
The announcement and presentation of the award took place during the 118th Convocation of the Faculty of Science and Mathematics, officiated by the Dean, Prof. Dr. Widowati, S.Si., M.Si., on Monday, November 13, 2023, held at the Acintya Prasada Building, Faculty of Science and Mathematics, Diponegoro University.
This award shows their exceptional dedication, perseverance, and outstanding academic performance throughout their academic journey. Alongside the Dean’s Award, these five students also achieved the distinction of graduating Cum Laude within a study period of no more than five years.
Here are brief profiles of each student who received the Dean’s Award:
1.Jessica Valenci Soegianto
-CGPA : 3.96
-Thesis Title : Analysis of Factors Influencing Learning Concentration Using Extended Cox Regression (Case Study at SDN 02 Jenarwetan, Purwodadi District, Purworejo Regency)
-Study Duration : 4 Years 1 Month 20 Days
-Hometown : Purworejo, Central Java

2.Anik Sri Mulyani
-CGPA : 3.94
-Thesis Title : Implementation of Support Vector Regression Method for Predicting Stock Prices of PT. Adaro Energy Tbk
-Study Duration : 4 Years 0 Months 13 Days
-Hometown : Klaten, Central Java

3.Ellina Dhiya Ulhaq Oktaviani
-CGPA : 3.93
-Thesis Title : Application of Binary Logistic Regression Classification and Regression Trees in Predicting Hepatitis C Disease
-Study Duration : 4 Years 1 Month 20 Days
-Hometown : Semarang Regency, Central Java

4.Adeline Salmaa ‘Azzah Rarasati
-CGPA : 3.91
-Thesis Title : Portfolio Formation of Stocks using Global Minimum Variance (Case Study: Stocks Listed on the IDX30 Index)
-Study Duration: 3 Years 11 Months 28 Days
-Hometown : Wonosobo, Central Java

5.Salsabilla Rizka Ardhana
-CGPA : 3.91
-Thesis Title : Classification using K-Nearest Neighbor and C5.0 Algorithms on Imbalanced Class Data with Smote (Case Study: Customers of a People’s Credit Bank “X”)
-Study Duration : 4 Years 1 Month 17 Days
-Hometown : Semarang City, Central Java
The success of these five students is not only evident in their academic achievements but also in their enthusiasm and determination to complete their studies. This recognition stands not only as a personal pride but also as an inspiration for other students to strive for the highest level of achievement in their academic journey.