On Friday, 27 October 2023, Undip’s Statistics Alumni Association (IKALISTA) in collaboration with HIMASTA UNDIP held an online seminar entitled “Jagongan On Stat” series 4 with the main focus on the application of Statistics in the plantation industry. The event, which lasted for two hours, from 19.30 to 21.30 WIB, succeeded in attracting the participation of more than 80 participants from statistics students and alumni.

The theme of this event is to examine how statistics has a vital role in optimizing processes and developing the plantation industry. In full of enthusiasm atmosphere, participants were invited to explore the practical application of statistics in dealing the challenges of modern plantation industry.

The main speaker this seminar was Putri Aulia W, M.Sc., Biometry and Database Section Head at SMART Research Institute, PT. SMART Tbk. With her extensive experience and deep understanding of the application of statistics in the plantation industry, Putri Aulia W’s presentation provided valuable insight regarding the use of statistics in improving efficiency and quality in this industry.

The professionally managed event also featured Adhitya Fadillah as moderator, a Statistics student from the class of 2021. Adhitya’s presence in this role provided a fresh touch, livened up the discussion, and guided the seminar with full interaction.

The discussions that took place at this event covered a variety of topics, ranging from analysis of plantation production data, crop yield predictions, to the development of new techniques using statistical approaches. Participants were invited to understand how statistics is an important foundation in optimizing every aspect of the plantation process.

The 4th series of “Jagongan On Stat” marks the success of presenting an informative and inspiring platform for statistics lovers and plantation industry players. It is hoped that the spirit of collaboration and knowledge gained from this event can continue to inspire innovation and quality improvement in related industrial fields.

This online seminar not only provides valuable insights, but also opens up discussion space that encourages cross-sector collaboration. The enthusiasm of the participants involved emphasizes the importance of developing statistical science in supporting the progress of the plantation industry.

With the success of this 4th series, “Jagonan On Stat” increasingly proves itself as a relevant platform to dig deeper into the application of statistics in various sectors, connecting practitioners, experts and beginners in the field of statistics to share valuable knowledge and experience.