On September 30, 2023, the Faculty of Science and Mathematics at Diponegoro University, together with the Statistics Program lecturers, Iut Tri Utami, S.Si., Dra. Suparti, M.Si., M.Si., and Dr. Rukun Santoso, M.Si., conducted a community service project in Muktiharjo Kidul Village, Semarang City, Central Java. This collaboration involved the Amerta Craft team, consisting of four students – Evrilsa Isna, Muhammad Aziz, Muhammad Choirul, and Siti Nur Khasanah – who successfully secured funding from the Student Entrepreneurship Development Program (P2MW) organized by Belmawa Dikti.
The Head of Community Service, Iut Tri Utami, S.Si., M.Si., stated, “The purpose of this community service is to educate PKK mothers that paper, often considered waste, can be transformed into useful crafts and serve as an additional source of income.” This collaboration not only teaches the technique of crafting from paper waste but also involves Statistics students who have Amerta Craft as part of the P2MW funding.
In this activity, PKK mothers were taught the step-by-step process of transforming paper waste into crafts, with a focus on bracelet-making. The Head of the Amerta Craft team, Evrilsa Isna, explained that mothers were guided through the process, starting from cutting newspaper, rolling, coloring, applying coating liquid, to weaving. Although only involved in bracelet-making, the mothers were given basic understanding enabling them to develop other craft products at home. The final products, with the advantage of water and fungus resistance due to the coating process, surpass similar crafts typically made from rattan.
Additionally, PKK mothers received training in marketing products through social media, especially Instagram, and e-commerce. One PKK mother expressed that this program provides new ideas for leisure and simultaneously generates income. The hope is that more similar community service programs will provide new insights to PKK mothers.
Through this activity, the team of lecturers and students aims to reduce air pollution caused by waste incineration and simultaneously enhance the artistic value of paper waste. By integrating education, entrepreneurship, and creativity, this Collaborative Community Service is expected to have a positive impact on the local community and serve as inspiration for similar initiatives in various regions.